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Adult counseling and therapy services

Therapy in Columbus, NE

Therapy can help you learn lifelong coping skills. Whether you are struggling with a condition such as depression or anxiety, grieving the loss of a loved one or needing help communicating with your significant other, a therapist can provide an outside perspective and encourage you to explore alternative ways of thinking about your situation.

At Columbus Psychiatry Clinic, we offer counseling and therapy services to fit a wide variety of needs. We provide evidence-based therapy for conditions and situations including:

  • Couples – Whether a couple is married or not, communication is key to their relationship. We can help people find common ground and get to the root of any challenges they face.
  • Grief – The loss of a loved one or a pregnancy can be devastating. By talking about their loss, patients can learn to work through their feelings and figure out how to move forward.
  • Trauma – People experience trauma through many different triggers — childhood abuse, military service, surviving a car accident, or witnessing or surviving an act of violence. Our providers are specially trained to help trauma victims heal.
  • Coping with cancer and other illnesses – Cancer survivors and those who are still fighting the battle need extra support to cope with the many emotions they face.
  • Depression and anxiety – Clinicians can teach patients coping mechanisms, meditation and relaxation techniques, and ways in which they can reframe situations to affect their body’s response.
  • Other psychological conditions, including borderline personality disorder and psychosis – Our clinicians have experience working with people who have many different psychological conditions. Therapy can be a good complement to medical treatment.

If you want to start seeing one of our clinicians, simply call Columbus Psychiatry Clinic at 402-562-4765. Once we receive some information from you about the help you need, we can find just the right therapist for you.


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