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At Columbus Psychiatry Clinic, our clinicians are here for you, no matter what kind of services you need. We offer medication management and therapy services for adultsĀ and adolescents; and psychological evaluations for adolescents.

We have a very team-based approach, and when a patient or a family member comes to us needing help, we want to find just the right clinician for them. So, when you call us at 402-562-4765, our staff member will ask important questions about what you need so we can find the right match.

Additionally, if you start seeing a clinician and they determine you or your loved one could benefit from seeing another clinician, they can connect you with the right person.

Above all, Columbus Psychiatry Clinic uses evidence-based medicine to support our patients. No matter what we do, we make sure there is always science behind any approach we use.

Call us at 402-562-4765 to learn how we can help you today.


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